Spa Treatments That Don’t Require

Spa Treatments

Not everyone is comfortable with spa nudity. Some prefer wearing underwear while getting the treatment while others would rather just not go.

But when your body is already craving to be pampered and your muscle pains are starting to kick in, it’s hard to resist a day at a spa. Just imagine the relaxing aroma of essential oils in massage rooms or the soothing feeling you’ll get after the treatment.

If you’re really uncomfortable with baring your skin at a spa, there are other services you can avail that doesn’t require nudity. Here is a list of services you might want to check out.

For instance, you can start with a facial as this will only require you to bare your head, arms, and shoulders. These are the just the areas your esthetician will be touching. Plus, during your visit, you can observe what its like to be in a spa or ask the staff on what you should wear before you book your next visit.

Another spa treatment you might want to consider is foot reflexology.

Foot spa – with foot spa, you can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. The therapist will only work on your spa so perhaps wear something that will not cover your lower leg. Depending on the spa, you can also request for a robe if you don’t feel comfortable getting the treatment while wearing a pants or a skirt.

Thai massage – if you think all massages lead to having to bare some skin, maybe you haven’t heard of Thai massage. This one will actually let you have a massage while you stay fully clothed. You will be given a clean, comfortable, and loose-fitting set of clothes that you need to wear during the treatment. Thai massage involves stretching and pulling, and in some cases the masseuse might even walk on you. It can be quite uncomfortable to some so be sure to ask the therapist to adjust the pressure if you feel pain or discomfort.

Foot reflexology – similar to foot spa, foot reflexology is another spa treatment where you wouldn’t be required to be naked under a sheet or towel. You can wear any clothes you wish so long as your lower legs and feet are bare. This treatment involves application of pressure to the feet specific finger, thumb, and hand techniques without having to use oil or lotion.

While some spas require that you have to emerge from the locker room without any clothes on but the robe, don’t hesitate to be as bare as you want to be. If you would like to leave your underwear on or totally nude, that is completely up to your decision. Moreover, the massage therapist will adjust their services with the level of undress you are comfortable on.

Therefore, expect that other customers may be completely naked in gender specific areas such as lockers or saunas. On the other hand, everyone will be robed in co-ed areas. For your convenience, you can bring a swimsuit that you can wear while in co-ed areas such as the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and bathing area.

For steam and sauna, people are expecting it to be a place where they can get natural soothing and detoxification that’s why they are generally clothing optional areas. There’s always an option to wrap yourself in a robe or towel. Remember that it’s all about your own comfort so don’t be too worried about what other people will say about what you prefer to wear.

If you have more questions about spa services or want to book for one, be sure to contact Grand Spa. Their staff members will be more than happy to assist you.