6 Myths and Facts You Will Find Interesting about Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements

Many people make use of weight loss supplements to fight off obesity and thus the market is filled with these products. Let’s have a look at some myths and facts related to these supplements.

  1.      You can suppress your appetite with Hoodia

Hoodia, a naturally grown succulent plant found in Africa notably Kalahari Desert, is a plant believed to help in depressing your appetite. Scientifically, hoodia is referred as hoodia gordonii, and tests have been conducted to test whether it has anything to do with slimming. Some researchers in South Africa conducted a research on hoodia extract on animals and noticed that those animals significantly reduced their weight. However, the tests are still been carried on human beings to determine whether the herb has any slimming effects on them. That said, do not let anyone convince you that you need to buy any products of the plant in order to lose weight-this is only a myth.

  1.      When taking a weight-loss supplement, there is no need to diet or exercise

This is rather basic. When you ask a doctor what you need to do to be healthy, the first answer will be try eating healthy foods. In addition, he or she may add other suggestions that may help you. The underlining point is a healthy diet. -that is the first fact. Next, let us look into the weight-loss supplements.

A supplement is something intended to complete or enhance another when added to it. A weigh loss supplement therefore refers to substances that can be taken to add a nutritional value to your diet. With this definition, we can derive that supplements can only ‘add’ something not replace it in whole. Therefore, you will need to eat a healthy meal first then move on to weight- loss supplements. This revelation will take us to the next item-your diet. You need to take a healthy diet hence why you need to diet. You will need to choose the foods that will be helpful to your body. Having your weight in mind, you will need to restrict to foods that will ensure that your weight is in check. Our second fact, therefore, is that you need to diet, if you want to remain healthy.

When we talk about exercise in relation to your health, more specifically weight loss, we are referring to your need to sustain and/or improve your health and fitness. For you to keep fit, you require regular exercise. Exercise not only improves your fitness but also controls your weight. When you exercise, you burn calories. Consistent burning of calories will lead to weight loss. If you are thinking of going to the gym, it is a good idea, but you can also exercise by being more active. You can just decide to do your house chores or use the staircase instead of the lift.

To sum it up, you need all these three in your weight- loss plan. So, take a healthy diet and exercise regularly, even when you are taking supplements.

  1.      Green tea will burn any fat I need to shed

Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant for the nervous system. This said, stimulants quicken some body processes hence make you more active. Green tea like any other stimulant will therefore make you a little bit more active. More activity of the body causes burning of calories eventually leading to weight-loss. Therefore, the weight-loss related to green tea can only be associated to the caffeine in it.

  1.      You can substitute ephedra use with bitter orange

Ephedra is a shrub found in the arid regions. It contains ephedrine and pseudoephedrine ingredients, which have medicinal value. These two ingredients are used as stimulants for the nervous system and can cause high blood pressure if used in excess amounts.

Bitter orange on the other hand, is a scientifically known as citrus aurantium, has a slight similarity with ephedra.

Both of these plants pose the danger of high blood pressure if used in excess but it is true that they are somehow similar and may be used for the same function.

  1.      It is safe for you to take any weight-loss supplement as long as it is sold in a store

It is important to know that weight-loss supplements are a high-income business. Those who make and sell the products do it for business purposes hence their aim is to make profits. The fact here is that not all products sold in a store are safe for use. Some of those products have not being tested and authorized for use by the government. So, you need to be careful on whatever weight-loss supplements you buy over the counter.

  1.      There are no side effects related to natural weight-loss supplements

The most natural products can best be derived from your natural food. Most supplements have their side effects. You need to be careful on what weight-loss product you use as most of them have specific directions on how to use them. For instance, some may only be used over a short period of days while others for longer periods. While this is not an issue, continued use of weight-loss supplements that are initially supposed to be used only over a short period, may cause side effects.

You may have noticed that most people on weight-loss supplements tend to lose weight and gain the weight back when they stop using those supplements. This is a common phenomenon brought about by lack of efforts made to maintain their weight. Therefore, it is important that you have a plan for your weight-loss and consistently follow it.

In conclusion, you should plan to eat a healthy meal, completely balanced with the required nutrients. You should also exercise regularly. If you choose to start using weight-loss supplements, be careful on the supplement you use and ensure that your doctor has recommended it to you.